Page 55 - MetalForming January 2015
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                 PMA works for me.
  Andrew Bader’s grandfather started Ohio Gasket and Shim (OGS)
in 1959 as a small shop to service the local industry. More than 50 years later, OGS has expanded in size and capacity to become a national leader in high-precision metal stampings, gaskets, shims, metal fabrication, brackets, and military and export packaging. Along the way, PMA has served as a resource to OGS, helping them grow and position themselves for continued success, now and in the future. PMA is dedicated to providing a platform for its members to make valuable connections, access training and educational resources, and learn about emerging industry technologies.
Contact Janet Krall, Membership Services Manager, at 216-901-8800 or visit to find out how PMA can work for you.

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