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 The Competitive Edge: Creating Die Surfaces
The Added Value of Quality
Fontana Pietro now has found ways to extend the use of its new software to other departments within the compa- ny, such as in die-process engineer- ing. Here, the die-process engineer’s job during early product development is eased thanks to the validity and speed of analysis. This is due to the
reuse and reproducibility of data, the efficient exchange of data (internally among departments and externally among OEMs and their suppliers) and the quick creation of die layouts that include drawing as well as all second- ary operations.
The various sketches and construc- tion elements used in Catia V5 are
assembled in few yet powerful features that allow for easy and rapid surface design. A comprehensible data struc- ture simplifies the use of these new features and improves collaboration internally. The high-quality surfaces created in the software are character- ized by a significantly reduced number of control elements and the appropri- ate surface continuity, say Fontana engineers. These surfaces can imme- diately be used for further operations, such as over-crowning and CNC machining.
“Over-crowning,” concludes Fontana R & D engineer Guglielmo Oleari, “will be the object of further and future operating strategies with- in our company. We will generate rules to further reduce the time needed to develop surfaces.” MF
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Using AutoForm-ProcessDesignerforCatia for trim- plan definition, trim segmentation automatically accounts for overcut.

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