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  Software for Manufacturing
Waterjet Cutting Elevated to
Extraordinary Levels of Speed and Performance
Omax Corp., Kent, WA, has expanded its Intelli-Max software suite for its JetMachining Centers with the release of Intelli-Max 21, boasting a fourth-generation cutting model that optimizes tool paths automatically and gives users precise predictability as to cut- ting speeds, taper, jet lag and other parameters. The new cutting model builds upon years of real-world abrasive-waterjet data to provide precise process and machine-behavior predictions.
cations. Further, new point-distribution functionality is said to improve surface qual- ity in high-speed machining, and the release also includes newly developed probe geometry.
Based on customer feedback, Intelli-Max 21 includes AutoPath command improve- ments, better import capabilities for DXF/DWG and PDF files, and enhanced memory for the 3D Path Editor.
Tube-Bending Software Also Accommodates Laser Tube Cutting
“Whether it involves better file importing or expanding our parametric shape library for enhanced 3D cutting, we continuously update and improve the software to support the diverse and changing needs of customers,” adds Olsen.
A new version of the TubeWorks tube- bending CAD/CAM software, which provides tube and pipe fabricators with powerful pre- production tools for laser cutting as well as tube bending, is available from UK tube- bending machine manufacturer Unison (sold in the United States by Horn Machine Tools, Madera, CA).
Enhanced CAD/CAM Software Improves Surface Finish in High-Speed Applications
Tebis America, Troy, MI, has released Version 3.5 R8 of its CAD/CAM soft- ware, with fea- tures promising to further increase machining vol- umes and cutting speeds for rough- ing as well as fin- ish-milling appli-
Developed by the software consul- tancy 3DCompound, TubeWorks is an add-in module for SolidWorks. By com- bining powerful visualization capabili- ties with automatic code extraction and file generation, the software enables metal fabricators to increase the pro- ductivity of their tube-handling operations through optimal use of manufacturing data. The time that it takes to develop pro- grams for CNC tube bending and laser tube-cutting machines can be reduced
Tebis Version 3.5 R8 supports all high- speed and high-feed milling cutters with specific geometries and precisely offsets their contours. Thanks to a new measur- ing function, measuring paths can be cre- ated with the same methods as tool paths, using the same automation functions. A measuring probe determines the quality of the manufactured components directly at the machine. The machine controller dis- plays any deviations from the target so they can be corrected immediately.
 Says Carl Olsen, Omax’s lead software engineer: “Abrasive waterjet users gain the highest level of control, most uniform cutting and surface finishes, extended ranges of machinability and the best cutting precision, speed and repeatability.”
Lastly, Tebis Version R8 adds the abil- ity to mill with 3D radius correction, to com- pensate for tool wear. Any deviation from the target is calculated with the new func- tions for direct measuring at the machine. For radius correction, Tebis then adds additional information to the calculated tool paths to be evaluated by the machine controllers.
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