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 after filters also allows indoor recirculation of air in many applications, for energy savings.
ing system.
To safeguard against fire risks, the
The Farr GSP collector offers plug-and- play performance—each unit ships com- pletely assembled, wired and ready to plug in. The assembled unit includes all internal electrical connections, an inte- grated inlet damper, filters, fan and clean-
Farr GSP collector uses fire-retardant fil- ter media, a fire sprinkler in the clean-air plenum, and a built-in spark baffle that reduces the chance of spark-generated fires. An optional smoke alarm detects smoke inside the clean-air plenum and sends a signal to the controller to shut
DallaSmartTM controls minimize electrical and mechanical stress on equipment and material. Whether you are buying new or upgrading existing equipment, they allow you to operate at higher speeds, run larger parts, eliminate surface damage, reduce wear and tear on equipment and material. ProfileSelectTM, our newest offering is ideal for delicate material and progressive die work. The control uses a sinusoidal motion that utilizes 100 percent of the press-feed window.
DallaSmartTM Controls
 TM Servo Feed Controls
Dallas Press Feeding Equipment lasts and lasts for many years because we design and build everything to handle more than the       you buy a Dallas line you buy it fully equipped with heavy gauge materials and without the          Dallas machines are built to last, we can easily upgrade them with the latest control            
Standard Equipment & Complete Systems
down the fan, as well as the cutting process.
Maraging-Steel Welding Electrodes Support a Host of Applications, Including Hot Stamping
Castolin Eutectic, based in Switzer- land and with U.S. offices Menomonee Falls, WI, has introduced two new marag- ing-steel welding electrodes, EutecTrode XHD 6860 and 6855XHD. Noting that
  maraging steels were first developed in the 1960s as high-strength construction steels for aviation and space technology, their comparatively high toughness levels at maximum tensile strength also make them useful in the tool-and-die manufac- turing industry.
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