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  Tech Update
Variable-Frequency Drive
Dresses Up Hydroforming Presses
Beckwood Press Co., St. Louis, MO, announced that its Triform line of sheet-hydro- forming presses now will feature variable-speed drives as standard equipment on these models: 16- 5BD, 24-5BD, 1648-5BD and 2448-5BD. Forming area on the press- es ranges from 16-in. dia. to 16 by 48 in.; chamber pres- sure is 5000 psi standard, 10,000 psi
Fume/Dust Collector Comes Fully Assembled and Prewired
 enable fre- quency and voltage supplied to the motors to vary based on press load, optimizing ener-
Additional HEPA filter modules can be added to further increase efficiency when handling dusts with very low PELs, such as hexavalent chromium produced during stainless-steel cutting. The use of HEPA
gy efficiency and reducing noise and heat generation.
Beckwood Press:
The VFDs
A new Farr Gold Series Package (GSP) dust collector provides high-performance capture of dust and fumes generated by CNC laser- and plasma-cutting machines. Available in three compact, powerful mod- els, the units handle air flow from 1000 to 3000 ft.3/min. at 8-in. wg. Each collector comes with two, four or six HemiPleat eXtreme Gold Cone filters with nanofiber media that handles the toughest dust challenges, meeting or exceeding OSHA permissible exposure limits (PELs) on most metallic dusts.
50-ton deep-draw forming press with infinitely adjustable closed loop multi- axis position and velocity control, touch screen HMI with recipe stor- age, proportional pressure control of ram, and joystick for manual control.
Custom engineered, application-specific hydraulic presses.
Our high-tech, special-purpose presses, designed to meet your most demanding requirements, are the most accurate and productive machines we’ve ever built.
Call 614-228-0185, ext. 231 for details and an eye-opening quote.
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