Brazing Machine for Low-Volume Applications

March 1, 2008

Brazing machine for low-volume applications

Fusion Inc., Willoughby, OH, displays the Braze Mate, a machine for brazing and soldering in low-volume applications or short runs of various part styles. Available in two models, the Braze Mate offers automatic, timed heat control, with multiple torches attached to a retractable arm. Rates from 50 to 100 parts/hr. are typical.

The production sequence begins with an operator loading a part into a stainless-steel fixture. A deposit of Fusion paste alloy is applied to the joint area with a hand-held applicator. The operator then activates the heat cycle, automatically positioning the burners in the heat zone. Oscillating burners eliminate hot spots at the assembly joint area.

Industry-Related Terms: Fixture
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Technologies: Welding and Joining


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