Customized Hydroforming Processes Reduce Piece-Price and Scrap

September 1, 2008

Schuler Hydroforming, Canton, MI, has introduced part-production and hydroform-press systems for customized hydroform technology to North America. With the expanded technology that includes three Schuler hydroform methodologies—light-, high- and extreme-expansion hydroforming—the optimum process can be selected for a particular forming application.

Light-expansion forming uses low forming pressure to provide a part’s final shape while closing the die under pressure. This technology, used in body-in-white structures, is suitable for high-strength steel alloys. High-expansion forming, for hollow shapes requiring varied cross-sectional circumferences, is most suitable for applications such as automotive frame parts, exhaust systems, appliances and furniture. And extreme-expansion forming (hot-gas forming) gives the designer the freedom to design hydroform cross-sections with as much as 100 percent change in circumference. This technology currently is limited to aluminum.

The technologies are available through Schuler’s Hydroforming Technology Center, which supports the design and development of complex hollow and tubular metal parts from concept to final production.
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