Lantek Open-Systems Approach Provides Route to Smart Factory

January 18, 2022

Lantek-OpenWith dedication to an open-systems approach, Lantek, developer of sheet metal CAM, ERP and MES software, helps OEM machine-tool manufacturers optimize the functionality and performance of their machines while enabling sheet metal-manufacturing companies to take advantage of new, productivity boosting software and cloud-based technologies.

Integral to this approach, according to Francisco Perez, Lantek’s OEM channel director, is Lantek’s neutral stance for its OEM partners, giving them the confidence to trust Lantek with information about the individual technology advances each is working to develop. To facilitate this secure coordination, Lantek has established a focused and dedicated department to manage the 150 OEMs it now supports. 

In fact, many innovations in the software developed by Lantek come from such collaboration, Perez reports, noting that “in working with sheet metal manufacturers and machine tool builders, the company incorporates their requirements while anticipating the direction the industry is heading, providing features and innovations that add real value for customers.” 

Lantek has developed software to support many sheet metal devices and technologies including bevelling, drilling, inkjet/laser marking, pallet handling, etc. As these technologies became more common in the market, Lantek implemented generic solutions so that a range of different machines with these capabilities could be driven from Lantek’s standard Expert CAM software simply by configuring the postprocessor to suit the requirements of each machine.

Recent projects have included collaboration with OEMs on collision avoidance on their fiber laser cutting systems. Automation for sheet metal machinery is another area of successful collaboration, as well as laser tube cutting.

And today, as industry migrates toward smart-factory settings, companies are examining how smart techniques can be used for their applications. Mature products such as Lantek MES and Lantek Analytics, reports Perez, are designed specifically for the sheet metal industry and enable manufacturers to integrate their machinery with their customers’ business systems—key to smart-factory efforts. Lantek, according to Perez, can supply the tools and the technology for integration at a much deeper level, connecting machine performance with the KPIs that manufacturers wish to monitor.

In sum, closed software systems of the past are now unsuitable for today’s manufacturers, offers Perez. 

“Open technology and OEM collaboration,” he says, “are paramount for the success of the sheet metal industry.”

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