Production Management System Offers Efficient Coil Management

January 1, 2009

Coil management is a primary feature of the Eclipse production management system—a complete management suite designed for metalforming facilities—from AMS Controls, Maryland Heights, MO. The software tool serves to eliminate mistakes and reduce scrap through better coil management. Upon loading, a coil is verified as a valid coil in the inventory as well as the correct material for the current order. If a partial coil is returned to inventory, Eclipse also will print a new coil tag with updated coil statistics for further tracking.

Efficient coil management is accomplished via the order-scheduling functions in Eclipse. Features allow for grouping orders by material type and color to reduce the number of coil changes and associated scrap. The software tracks coil usage, applying scrap and good footage to the applicable coil record, and updates order records with the coils used to complete each part.

Eclipse downloads orders directly from production scheduling to machines on the shop floor and uploads information directly from the shop floor, all the while allowing users to track status in real time. New features allow label design and printing.

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