High-Speed Servo Press Feed

October 1, 2014

Arku Coil Systems servo press feedArku Coil Systems
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Arku Coil Systems, Inc. will showcase its new Hi-Speed ServoMaster press-feed system, while also demonstrating parts leveling with a FlatMaster 55 machine using a new control and simple operator interface. The Hi-Speed ServoMaster handles strip cross-sections to 600 mm2. Depending on strip dimensions, the system accelerates at up to 50 m/sec2 to a maximum feed velocity of 200 m/min. Feed accuracy is better than ±0.1 mm, and the unit supports press speeds to 400 strokes/min. with pilot release. Its Arvis control automatically calculates the speed of upstream equipment after a few cycles, enabling the operator to rapidly synchronize all of the modules in the line to protect the equipment.  www.arku.com
Industry-Related Terms: Cross-Sections
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Technologies: Coil and Sheet Handling, Pressroom Automation


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