Spain-Based IAM 3D Hub Adds New Renishaw Metal-AM Machine, Announces Other Additions

January 22, 2021

IAM 3D Hub, a digital innovation center specializing in additive manufacturing (AM) with a mission to accelerate the adoption of AM in the European Union, has added the Renishaw RenAM 500Q AM machine to its arsenal. The new machine, featuring four 500-W lasers, replaces existing Renishaw AM 250 and AM 400 models at the center and allows more precise build rates to four times faster than those systems. The objective of incorporating this new equipment, according IAM 3D Hub officials: encourage innovation and the use of high technology such as multiple-laser machines in metal AM.

The new machine enables production of stainless-steel parts at speeds to 150 cm3/hr. in a build volume of 250 by 250 by 350 mm. The proximity between the lasers in the optical system reportedly reduces thermal errors and ensures simultaneous access of all lasers to the entire worktable surface.

Adding the Renishaw AM machine follows a recent expansion of the IAM 3D Hub, located in Terrassa, Spain. The Hub now totals 8600 sq. ft. and includes an exhibition hall, printed-parts showroom, metal-printing area, BASF materials laboratory and 3D printing pilot plant. 

And, the Hub also recently expanded its fleet of HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers to 16, along with HP post-processing and part-cleaning stations. Also, in 2020, the IAM 3D Hub inaugurated the new materials-testing laboratory with the support of Forward AM by BASF. 
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