Powder Coating Institute Updates Certification Programs

June 1, 2018

Operating under the mantra “Powder Coating Done Right,” the Powder Coating Institute (PCI), Taylor Mill, KY, has launched its reengineered and expanded certification programs. PCI certification is an extensive audit program that evaluates the candidate’s business practices, process elements, equipment, maintenance practices and quality-control capabilities. Certified coaters can show, through demonstrated audit performance measurement, that they have the capabilities to correctly clean, coat and cure products to produce quality coated parts.

“Process measurement and repeatability are key to giving customers confidence that a certified finishing operation has the processes in place to do the job well,” notes Trena Benson, PCI’s executive director. “Those who pass the comprehensive audit demonstrate that they have the ability to meet a high professional standard in the industry.”

The program offers two certification types: PCI 3000 certification for custom coaters and PCI 4000 certification for original-equipment manufacturers.

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