Plex Launches Mobile Application

January 1, 2013

Plex Systems Inc., Troy, MI, provider of Plex Online cloud-based ERP for manufacturers, has launched SmartPlex, a service allowing users of Plex Online to access and manipulate data through a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones, including those based on the iOS and Android operating systems. Designed to enhance connectivity of executives and other staff who benefit from accessing and inputting management-level information, data is presented via the app using displays optimized for the presentation capabilities of mobile devices. Initial applications supported: workflow, user support, corporate directory, expense tracking and contacts. The firm expects to roll out additional functionality once it compiles and assesses user feedback.

SmartPlex provides an ideal combination of usability and utility in a secure, encrypted messaging form, extending the ability to manage and maintain an enterprise from anywhere using nearly any device. Using the same notification process that Plex Online uses to communicate with desktop workstations, data and functionality are available regardless of platform and location.

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