In its efforts to respond to manufacturers’ needs and develop and refine ERP products, ECi Software Solutions focuses on three areas:

1. Enhanced user experience. The company strives to offer intuitive software that users easily and readily can employ to find quickly the information that they need.

2. Interoperability. Recognizing that users employ a variety of software packages, ECi focuses on open architectures that enable its products to interact with other third-party software, according to Ralyea.

“The majority of the software developed today is cloud-based,” Ralyea says. “The old ways of integrating through a flat file or direct database connections are ineffective and inefficient. We want to be agnostic in regards to integration with other software, hence the RESTful (able to function across various protocols) open architecture. Our EDI (electronic data interchange) will work with any other EDI provider.”

3. Analytics. “What can we do to pull data not only from our system but from other systems in the integration architecture, place it in a cloud warehouse, and then provide intelligence on it?” Ralyea asks. “ECi has begun working on that, as customers seek one intelligent view for information stored in various systems.”

Looking forward, Ralyea sees a type of augmented reality, where manufacturers, through the knowledge in their ERP systems, can easier explore what-if scenarios, such exploring the possible results of changing products or processes. ECi is exploring such capabilities with its technology partners.

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