Dry-Lube Capability for Heidtman Pickling Line

November 1, 2016

Heidtman Steel has added dry-lube capability on an existing pickling line at its Cleveland, OH, plant. The dry-film lubricant, used mainly for deep-draw applications, is applied on the line in typical coating weights measuring 200-400 mg/sq. ft., but Heidtman can apply heavier coating weights if required by the customer.

The new capability represents the third upgrade the steel service center has made to this pickling line in the last five years. The line, which includes a continuous inspection system, can handle material to 0.625 in. thick by 72 in. wide.

Noted for expertise in high-strength steels, Heidtman, headquartered in Toledo, OH, processes nearly 5 million tons of steel annually.
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