In-Die or Secondary Electronic Tapping Unit

October 1, 2018

Fibro electronic tapping unit Fibro Inc.
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Incorporating advances in servo technology and process control, the Fibro Electronic Tapping Unit can be mounted directly in a production stamping tool or employed as a value-added offline workstation. It features a thread range of M0.8 to M24 and can reach production speeds exceeding 140 strokes/min. The product consists of a control unit, tapping head, drive and drive shaft.

The units and their tapping heads can be used in a variety of presses, dies and automatic punching machines, owing to an independent drive and versatile control unit, according to company officials. Using the auto-teach function, the system automatically monitors and adjusts process parameters as needed to ensure maintenance of critical thread tolerances. All data sets are recorded and can be read out or summarized in report form. The unit employs standard and customized tapping heads, as Fibro application engineers can work with customers to select the optimal tapping head for your specific requirements.

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Technologies: In-Die Operations


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