Flexible System for Punching, Shearing, Bending and Buffering

April 27, 2023

Prima-PSBB-flexible-manufacturing-bending-punching-shearing-bufferingFrom Prima Power is the PSBB, a flexible manufacturing system—PSBB stands for punching, shearing, buffering and bending. PSBB integrates servo-electric punching and shearing, servo-electric bending and automatic material flow, all backed by sophisticated software that delivers full management and monitoring to allow for unattended operation. 

The PSBB line automatically processes sheet metal blanks into components, with material flow arrangements designed around flexibility, enabling transfer of parts directly to automatic bending, balance of the varied time requirements of bending and punching/shearing, exit of material from the system, and delivery of new material to it. And, the PSBB’s versatile buffering function enables optimal operation of integrated machines, according to company officials.

Industry-Related Terms: Bending, Shearing, Transfer
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Technologies: Bending, CNC Punching, Coil and Sheet Handling


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