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Check Out Version 2.0

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
Machine-tool online marketplace has released version 2.0 of its website, built on an open-architecture platform and loaded with new features. Visitors will note and appreciate improved search functionality, more photos, video ads, a machine knowledge database and more. And, site content can be viewed in Chinese, Spanish and German, in addition to English, with plans to release versions in Portuguese, Russian, Italian and Japanese.

Bone Up On Powder Metallurgy Parts

Tuesday, September 29, 2009
The Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF), Princeton, NJ, has published a pair of publications on powder-metallurgy (PM) specifications and applications. The PM Automotive Parts Catalog lists more than 750 individual parts in engines, transmissions/transfer cases and body/chassis assemblies representing more than 300 applications in North American, European and Asian light vehicles. And, MPIF has published the 2009 edition of its Standard 35, Materials Standards for PM Structural Parts. Aimed at design and materials engineers as well as purchasing agents, the standard offers technical specifications on the industry-approved materials used to make PM parts, including new sinter-hardened steels and the first high-temperature-sintered hybrid low-alloy steel in the as-sintered and heattreated condition. Visit for more information.

PA Fabricator Expands into Laser Cutting

Thursday, September 24, 2009
ACS Precision LLC, Mercersburg, PA, an 11,900sq.-ft. sheetmetal-fabrication job shop, has added a 4000-W Mitsubishi LXP laser-cutting machine to its stable. Capable of processing steel to ¾ in. thick and sheets to 4 by 8 ft., the machine is “a perfect complement to our waterjet and CNC machining equipment,” says ACS president Sandra Tillman-Daniels. “With a laser in our portfolio of services, we can cut thin material in intricate shapes with the speed and accuracy that our customers need. Plus, it allows us to free up our waterjet to focus mainly on the fabrication of heavier sheet and plate, aluminum, and other nonferrous materials.” ACS Precision’s services include sheetmetal fabrication, machined weldments, structural components and precision machining; Mitsubishi Laser is online at


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