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Bradbury Rollforming Lines Headed to England

Tuesday, September 28, 2004
The Bradbury Co., Moundridge, KS, along with its European subsidiary, Bradbury International UK Ltd., Stourbridge, West Midlands, England, will engineer and install integrated rollforming production lines for Kingspan Metl-Con, Sherburn, Malton, North Yorkshire, England. The lines will incorporate flexibility for pre- and post-punching and post-forming of profiles. One line will form light-gauge coiled steel from 0.7 to 2.0 mm thick. A second line will handle thicker material, 2.0 to 4.0 mm. The Kingspan plant will use the lines to fabricate façade framing.

Fanuc Robotics Certifies Ultra Tech Machinery

Monday, September 27, 2004
Ultra Tech Machinery, Inc., Cuyahoga Falls, OH, has been awarded the rank of Certified Integrator by Fanuc Robotics, Rochester Hills, MI. Ultra Tech will sell and integrate Fanuc robots exclusively, for press-tending cells, palletizing, machine loading and unloading, and polishing/deburring. It offers turnkey robotic and dedicated automation systems, including design, integration and installation, as well as on-site training for maintenance and operator personnel.

Robotics Industry Directory Available

Friday, September 24, 2004
The 2004-05 Robotics Industry Directory, profiling 184 suppliers, is available from the Robotic Industries Association (RIA), Ann Arbor, MI. Included is a new and improved User’s Guide to Robot Systems Integrators, and a pullout poster commemorating RIA’s 30th anniversary. The association was founded in 1974 as a trade group representing robot manufacturers, users, system integrators, component suppliers, research groups and consulting firms. Request a free copy of the directory at


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