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Bayloff Combines Two Divisions
into One Metalforming Company

Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Bayloff Die & Machine Co., a metal stamping and die manufacturer based in Belleville, MI, has combined its two separate operating divisions into one new company. Bayloff along with Target Stamped Products, Kinsman, OH, will now operate as a single entity called Bayloff Stamped Products. The new, larger company provides a variety of engineering, tooling and stamping services primarily to the automotive industry. “Individually we supplied parts to many of the same customers, but on different programs, explains Brian Bayer, general manager of the new company. “By combining our engineering and tool-making capabilities, and with our two plants, we offer everything our customers need from one supplier.” Bayloff Die & Stamping was formed in 1948, evolving into a supplier to numerous Tier One automotive manufacturers. Target Stamped Products, also founded in 1948, was acquired by Bayloff’s owners in 1997 and specializes in deep-drawn metal stampings and engineering services for the automotive industry. Bayloff Stamped Products, with approximately 200 employees in two plants, provides engineering, inhouse tool-making, deep-draw stamping, and parts assembly and finishing services to automotive and consumer products manufacturing companies across North America. For more, visit

GM Selects Applied Mfg.
for Engineering Process, Design Services

Monday, September 25, 2006
Applied Manufacturing Technologies, Inc., Orion, MI, has been selected by General Motors to provide engineering process and design services to GM as well as its line builders and suppliers. “Our appointment by General Motors as an authorized service source means that GM line builders and suppliers creating turnkey systems now can rely on AMT to provide services that comply with all GM standards," says Joe Campbell, Applied Mfg. chief operating officer. “Utilizing these services will help GM and its suppliers deliver products more quickly with fewer production errors.” Applied Mfg. was selected for its expertise in body-in-white weld systems utilizing Unigraphics’ process and mechanical design tools, simulation, and robot, vision and controls software. Applied Mfg. supplies complete consulting and engineering services to the automation and manufacturing industries. For more, visit

Vero International Expands U.S. Distribution

Monday, September 25, 2006
Vero International, with U.S. operations based in Wixom, MI, has established a joint venture with VISI-US to market, train and distribute Vero International’s VISI CAD/CAM software products to customers in areas of the United States not covered by current dealers. VISI-US has sales and training centers located throughout the country. For more, visit


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