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PA Fabricator Expands into Laser Cutting

Thursday, September 24, 2009
ACS Precision LLC, Mercersburg, PA, an 11,900sq.-ft. sheetmetal-fabrication job shop, has added a 4000-W Mitsubishi LXP laser-cutting machine to its stable. Capable of processing steel to ¾ in. thick and sheets to 4 by 8 ft., the machine is “a perfect complement to our waterjet and CNC machining equipment,” says ACS president Sandra Tillman-Daniels. “With a laser in our portfolio of services, we can cut thin material in intricate shapes with the speed and accuracy that our customers need. Plus, it allows us to free up our waterjet to focus mainly on the fabrication of heavier sheet and plate, aluminum, and other nonferrous materials.” ACS Precision’s services include sheetmetal fabrication, machined weldments, structural components and precision machining; Mitsubishi Laser is online at

Welding-Automation Website Upgraded
with Robot Demos, Product-Introduction Videos

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Lincoln Electric Automation, Cleveland, OH, has launched an updated and improved website offering visitors a dynamic, interactive look at the firm’s welding-automation products, services and training offerings. Visit the site——to take a virtual tour of the new division’s 100,000-sq.-ft. facility, and to view robot technology demonstrations and product introductions on the firm’s YouTube Channel.

Servo-Press Lines, with Crossbar-Feed
Automation, Installed at BMW Plants

Wednesday, September 23, 2009
The Schuler Group has installed two new stamping-press lines at the BMW Group’s facilities in Leipzig and Regensburg, Germany. The lines feature Schuler’s ServoDirect technology, blank loaders, crossbar-feeder automation and end-of-line automation. BMW will install a third Schuler line at its Munich plant in 2011. The line in Leipzig, launched on September 9, 2009, will produce more than 40 parts for the BMW 1 and X1 series. The 320-ft. line includes six servo presses linked by seven crossbar feeders, with a total press force of 11,600 tons, including a 2800-ton leadoff press; speed capacity is 17 strokes/min. Learn more at


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