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Ohio Pickling Facility Adds Top/Bottom Coil-Inspection System

Thursday, September 20, 2012
The Samuel Steel Pickling Co. facility in Twinsburg, OH, has installed an ISRA Vision Parsytec inspection system to perform 100-percent top and bottom inspection over the complete surface of each coil. The unit identifies and classifies surface defects and generates surface-inspection reports;

Additionally, the facility also recently acquired an inline Butech Bliss leveler, designed to remove flat-coiled shape defects such as coil set, crossbow, edge wave and center buckle. It’s rated for leveling 0.060- to 0.26-in. sheet to 72 in. wide. And, coming soon to the facility: a circumferential coil-strapping machine. More at

165-Yr.-Old Oven Manufacturer to Add More than 100 New Jobs

Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Manitowoc Foodservice of Wisconsin has named Cleveland Range, in Cleveland, OH, headquarters for its oven-manufacturing division. As such, the 165-yr.-old company will expand its 260-employee workforce by more than 100, after Manitowoc closes its oven factory in Fort ne, IN. Also on the is a new 30,000-sq.-ft. headquarters building next to the Cleveland factory, and new manufacturing and warehouse equipment. Cleveland Range, acquired by Manitowoc in 2011, fabricates commercial ovens for restaurants, hospitals and universities. According to, the firm will receive a $250,000 loan from the city of Cleveland to buy new machinery; a $180,000 loan to help build the new offices; and a 10-yr. 60-percent tax abatement on the new construction. The loans will be forgiven if the company hires at least 100 people within 5 yr.

Multi-Axis Laser-Cutting Machine Lands at Metal Spinners

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
Metal Spinners, Inc., Malden, MA, a fabricator of turbine-engine components for the aerospace industry, has commissioned a six-axis laser-processing system from Prima Power Laserdyne, Champlin, MN, equipped with an IPG fiber laser. The new machine, with a work envelope measuring 80 by 40 by 40 in., joins two existing Laserdyne systems operating at Metal Spinners, both equipped with CO2 lasers. Metal Spinners performs spinning, hydroforming, CNC turning and milling, welding and other processes; Learn more about Laserdyne’s multiaxis laser-processing equipment here.


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