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Upbeat News from a Couple of Metalformers

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
Metal stamper and fabricator Dorr Industries Inc., Dorr Township, MI, which also offers value-added services including welding, assembly, plating, painting and heat treating, has expanded into the outdoor and casual furniture market, producing metal-framed picnic tables. The company added 5000 sq. ft. to its building and hired temporary workers to fuel the expansion. It has press capacity to 200 tons, and specializes in bending tube, wire and rod; Also on the upswing is Ice Industries, whose stamping, welding and assembly plant in Mason, OH, is busy preparing to launch a major contract to supply 13 different oil-pan part numbers for Navistar. The plant, one of four Ice production factories, will manufacture nine current part numbers and is building dies and tooling for four additional oil pans for the 2010 fiscal year. It will deep-draw the pans on its large tandem press line (900-ton leadoff press and four 500-ton presses) and then install heater assemblies, weld drain plugs and fittings, and paint some of the finished oil-pan assemblies. Learn more at

Automotive Group Launches
Medical-Device Manufacturing Curriculum

Tuesday, September 15, 2009
The Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), Southfield, MI, has launched an educational program to help suppliers make the transition to medical-device manufacturing. Included in the curriculum: • An introduction to ISO 13485, the quality-management system governing manufacture of medical devices and related services; • Advanced product-quality planning; • Failure modes and effects analysis; • Measurement systems analysis and statistical-process control; and • Problem solving and error proofing. Learn more at

Global Metal Spinning
Takes on Denn Equipment Line

Monday, September 14, 2009
Global Metal Spinning Solutions, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO, now represents Spanish machinery builder Denn, which produces metal-spinning and flow-forming equipment. Check out is vast array of machines, including equipment for wheel forming, tube necking and closing, and pulley forming, as well as circular shears, sheet- and plate-bending rolls and more, and learn about the company’s ability to manufacture parts in small and large production runs, at


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