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General Motors Ventures Invests in Steel Supplier

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
NanoSteel Co., Inc., Providence, RI, has received funding from GM Ventures, a General Motors subsidiary created to invest in promising automotive technologies. NanoSteel supplies nanostructured advanced high-strength sheet steels for the automotive industry, as well as a new class of nanostructured high-strength stainless steel, weld-overlay consumables and thermal-spray consumables; Learn more about GM Ventures—funded with an initial investment of $100 million—at

Accuride Corp. to Deploy Cloud-Based ERP Solution

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
The business units of commercial-vehicle-industry supplier Accuride Corp., Auburn Hills, MI, which includes Accuride Wheels (steel and forged-aluminum wheels), Gunite (brake drums, disc-wheel hubs, etc.) and Imperial Group (truck body and chassis components), will soon deploy Plex Systems’ software-as-a-service ERP system. Accuride’s new ERP solution will allow it to consolidate information currently coming from seven separate systems running more than 200 applications. As a result, the firm expects to be able to improve financial performance thanks to more timely and accurate financial reporting; improve quality and inventory control; and implement common standards across all of its plants and business units. The firm is online at Learn more about Plex at

Plex Partnership Boosts Financial-Planning and Reporting Capabilities

Friday, August 3, 2012
Adaptive Planning, Mountain View, CA, a provider of cloud-based corporate-performance management (CPM) systems, is partnering with cloud-based manufacturing-ERP-system provider Plex Systems, Auburn Hills, MI, to enhance their customers’ budgeting, forecasting and reporting capabilities. Integration between the systems will be seamless, company representatives say, through use of the PlexSystems Connector.  Adaptive Planning’s CPM platform allows finance and management teams to work together to plan, monitor report on and analyze financial and operational performance; Plex is online at


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