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Used-Machinery Dealer Launches Online Auctions

Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Based in Mt. Clemens, MI, PressBid Auctions LLC conducts online auctions of surplus metal-stamping and fabricating machinery and equipment. Coming soon to the website: a surplus sale for metal stamper Art Technologies, Hamilton, OH, of a never-used 2001-vintage 400-ton press. For more information, visit

Ice Industries to Stamp Parts for Raybestos

Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Ice Industries, a metal stamping and assembly company headquartered in Sylvania, OH, recently signed an agreement to provide Raybestos Products Co. with parts for its wet friction operations. The three-year agreement calls for Ice to provide Raybestos with 4.4 million stamped components annually. The work will be conducted at the ICE facility in Grenada, MS. The 258,000-sq.-ft. Grenada plant has capabilities including metal stamping, rollforming, manual and robotic welding, buffing and assembly. Additional work under this contract will be completed at the Ice Deerfield Manufacturing plant in Mason, OH. Ice will acquire a press from Raybestos for a portion of the program. The components will be used in a variety of applications including powershift transmissions, wet brakes and power take-offs, predominantly for the off-high market. For more, visit

Ferris State Working with Hurco Cos.

Friday, August 25, 2006
Nearly 20 years ago, the Ferris State University (Big Rapids, MI) Manufacturing Tooling Technology program purchased three KM3 CNC mills from Hurco Cos., Indianapolis, IN. In the past few years, thanks to a renewed partnership between FSU professors and Hurco, the university has been able to upgrade its machinery equipment multiple times. For example, in 2002, “we approached Hurco stating that we had $72,000 and needed three machines,” recalls Dean Krager, associate professor in the FSU program. “Not only did Hurco let us buy two machines at a deep discount, it gave us a third machine to use on consignment for two years and told us that we could buy it for the depreciated value at the end of the consignment period. When all was said and done, we were able to purchase approximately $180,000 worth of equipment for $90,000.” Hurco has provided FSU with other top-of-the-line machines at deep discounts, too, according to Krager, and also provides applied education experience to FSU students as well as scholarship funding. For more from Hurco, visit More on the Manufacturing Tooling Technology program at FSU can be found at


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