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Parts Maker Chooses Plexus Online
as Manufacturing Information System

Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Swoboda, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI, a producer of plastic parts with metal inserts for the automotive and other industries, has selected Plexus Online as its manufacturing information system. In choosing Plexus Online, Swoboda officials cited the software’s ability to mesh with the company’s quality and operational needs. For more, visit

Formtek Purchases Producer
of Rollforming Equipment

Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Formtek Metal Forming, Inc., a supplier of rollforming equipment and tooling, has acquired the operating assets of Tishken Products Co., Detroit, MI. Tishken produces rollforming, edge-conditioning and strip-thickness sizing machines; carbide saw-mill machines; and cutoff presses as well as rollform tooling. Tishken operations will relocate to one of Formtek’s facilities.

White Paper Details Noise,
Vibration Control for Product Designers

Tuesday, August 23, 2005
Product designers seeking to build cost-effective noise and vibration controls into their products can get help from a new white paper authored by E-A-R Specialty Composites, Indianapolis, IN. The paper, The Four-Fold Method of Noise and Vibration Control, is available online at It offers basic principles that affect the choice of materials for noise and vibration control. E-A-R manufactures a broad selection of materials for applications requiring noise and vibration control.


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