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Lytron Opens Service Depot in Japan,
Adds Website Service Section

Wednesday, August 20, 2003
Lytron Inc., Woburn, MA, a manufacturer of heat-transfer systems and components, has partnered with Alpha Electronics Corp., which services Lytron chiller customers, to open the Lytron Asian Service Depot in Hatogaya City, Japan. The depot will service Lytron products, Kodiak recirculating chillers, large-capacity chillers and modular cooling systems throughout the Pacific Rim. In other Lytron news, the company has added a service section to its website, the section offers information for optimizing, maintaining and troubleshooting Lytron systems.

Metal Powder Products to Idle Manufacturing Plant

Wednesday, August 20, 2003
Metal Powder Products Co. (MPP), Carmel, IN, announced it will close its Coldwater, MI, manufacturing facility. This follows the company’s acquisition of the Sinteris Division of Dynagear, allowing MPP to optimize manufacturing capacity. Coldwater production will transfer to six remaining MPP plants in North America. The MPP Technical Resource Center, which handles all long-term company research and development activities, will remain at the Coldwater facility and continue to support MPP divisions. MPP manufactures powder-metal parts for automotive and other industries.

Genesis Systems Acquires Dimensional Tooling

Tuesday, August 19, 2003
Genesis Systems Group, Davenport, IA, an integrator of welding and cutting systems, has acquired Dimensional Tooling Solutions (DTS), Detroit, MI. The buy is expected to add depth to the Genesis Systems range of integrated tooling products and services, according to company officials. With the acquisition, the Genesis Systems business unit, New Dimension Tooling, will merge with DTS to form Genesis Dimensional and Tooling Solutions.


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