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Waterjet-Cutting Course Slated for September

Friday, August 19, 2005
Richel, Inc., Kent, OH, will hold its 44th Waterjet Cutting Techniques Course at its corporate offices, September 11-13, 2005. the course is designed for waterjet owners and operators as well as those looking to install such a system. Attendees will strip and rebuild an intensifier, discover advantages of multiple-head cutting, prepare and program a waterjet-cutting job, learn shortcuts to ease the cutting process, physically run a waterjet system and perform general maintenance on a waterjet machine. Course instructor Richard Ward, a professional engineer, has specialized in waterjet cutting since 1992. Richel, Inc. is a reseller of used waterjets and also supplies accessories and consulting services. For more course information, visit

Free CAD Tips

Thursday, August 18, 2005
A website portal for computer-aided design (CAD) information and tutorials,, has released its online TechBits Viewer, containing more than 250 free CAD-technology tips applicable to all 3D CAD systems. Some topics covered among the free tips: moving to 3D; implementation, planning, preparation; solid-modeling concepts; construction and performance; editing and database issues; surface and curve modeling; modeling for CAM; and data exchange. The independent website portal, with information for novices as well as seasoned pros, was developed by eDocHelp,, a provider of electronic documentation and technical services.

Elrae Adds 400-Ton Minster to its Stable

Wednesday, August 17, 2005
Metalforming company Elrae Industries, Inc., Alden, NY, has installed a 400-ton Minster E2 Hevistamper press, the second high-tonnage Minster press the company has installed in recent years (it previously purchased a 600-ton E2 Hevistamper). The new straight-sided press features a 108-by-54-in. bed and a 12-in. stroke, and can process sheet to 0.312-in. thick. Elrae is online at


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