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View Die-Design Demonstration Videos Online

Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Accurate Die Design, a provider of 3D software training and support for metalformers and tool and die companies, has added a series of high-definition low-bandwidth demonstration videos to its website. The videos illustrate blank development, unbending, round drawing, strip layout and other 3D design-software functionality. Check the videos out at

Online Training on Welding, Robotics and Rigging

Tuesday, August 18, 2009, a provider of online training for manufacturing companies, has introduced three new training programs on welding, robotics and rigging. Its new welding course expands on the existing arc-welding curriculum to focus on oxyfuel welding, plasma-arc cutting, and visual weld inspection. A new robotics department offers courses on robot installation, maintenance, programming and other topics. And, the rigging department has developed back-to-basics entry-level classes on the proper attachment and use of cable, chains, slings and hoists, as well as proper load calculations and rigging safety. Learn more at

Chicago Stamper Relocates to Larger Wheeling Facility

Monday, August 17, 2009
Wood Brothers Steel Stamping has relocated from Chicago to a recently acquired 30,300-sq.-ft. facility in Wheeling, IL, taking advantage of improved shipping and receiving capabilities and Cook County’s tax-reduction program. The new location is a clear-span building with a 25-ft.-high ceiling, two truck docks, four drive-in doors and parking for 15 vehicles, and is expandable to 45,000 sq. ft.


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