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Hot Off the Press


Door-Production Cell Stars
Seven Die-Handling Units

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Reed City Tool, Inc., Reed City, MI, has supplied a production cell to a door manufacturer featuring seven Serapid RollBeam telescopic linear-actuator push-pull systems, to enable quick die change in and out of the firm’s presses. Five of the systems provide 5 ft. of travel and one offers 6 ft. of travel; each pushes 18,000-lb. dies at 20 ft./min. Reed City Tool manufactures dies, molds, hydraulic presses, automatic die-change systems and other equipment used in the manufacture of residential, garage and entry doors; Learn more about Serapid at

Silicon Valley Fabricator Expands
into Food Cart and Trailer Markets

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
Precision sheetmetal fabricator Airtronics Metal Products, Inc., San Jose, CA, has begun accepting orders for specialty mobile food trailers and other light- to medium-duty trailers. The firm also has launched Metal Gourmet, a subsidiary devoted to design, assembly and distribution of mobile food carts and trailers. Modular construction of the firm’s carts allows users to select the equipment layout tailored to their specific needs. The subsidiary has its own manufacturing facility next to Airtronics’ 100,000-sq.-ft. plant. Airtronics provides Metal Gourmet with custom-made trailer frames, sinks, griddles and other components; View Airtronics’ capabilities at

OSHA’s Mobile App Helps with Heat

Tuesday, August 16, 2011
OSHA offers a free application for mobile devices to help workers and supervisors monitor the heat index at their work sites, to help prevent heat-related illnesses. Based on a user’s location and the calculated heat index, the app, available in English and Spanish, offers suggestions on precautions they may take—drinking fluids, taking rest breaks, etc. It also offers signs and symptoms of heat stroke, heat exhaustion and other heat-related illnesses. Here’s where you can download it--Android platform is ready, BlackBerry and iPhone coming soon.


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