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Marlin Steel Wire Adds Trumpf Press Brake

Monday, August 15, 2011
Now starring in the fabrication shop of Marlin Steel Wire Products, Baltimore, MD: a new Trumpf TruBend 3120 press brake—132-ton bending force, 122-in. bending length and bend accuracy of 10 microns and 0.25 deg. Marlin performs custom wire and sheetmetal fabrication and manufactures custom wire and mesh baskets; More information on Trumpf’s TruBend press brakes is here.

Stainless-Steel Service Center Adds Plate Laser

Friday, August 12, 2011
Penn Stainless Products, Quakertown, PA, has installed a Tanaka 6-kW laser-cutting machine capable of cutting stainless-steel sheet and plate to 1.125-in. thick, with maximum workpiece size of 13 by 62 ft. The Tanaka TF6000 machine, which employs its stainless-steel nitrogen cutting system, is one of only two operating in North America; Learn more about Penn Stainless at

Make Better Steel-Buying Decisions

Friday, August 12, 2011
Research and dialogue are at the center of the new Majestic Steel USA website— New features include dynamic, real-time market-research updates, product details and a forum for steel buyers. The goal of the new site: help purchasers make more informed, strategic buying decisions.


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