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Fabricator Adopts Wellness Programs
to Improve Employee Health and Welfare

Monday, August 11, 2008
Metal-fabrication job shop D&S Manufacturing, Black River Falls, WI, has partnered with its insurance provider, Gundersen Lutheran Occupational Health, to offer its employees a series of wellness programs. The programs are designed to improve employee morale, reduce absenteeism and encourage lifestyle changes to positively impact employee health. The goal is to identify emerging heath problems that might be avoided or minimized through minor changes in diet and exercise, according to D&S president Michael Dougherty. D&S manufactures large-scale components and weldments for customers such as Caterpillar, Trane Co. and Parkson;

Rollformer Equipped to Handle
Thick, High-Strength Steel

Monday, August 11, 2008
Custom Rollforming Corp. (CRC), Moundridge, KS, a manufacturer of custom rollformed products, has installed a rollforming line designed to form heavy-gauge profiles using high-strength steels. The new line, from Bradbury, features a 20,000-lb.-capacity stock reel, tooling mounted on 3-in. arbors, and a heavy-duty seven-roll straightener. A 16-pass line, it can accept coils to 24 in. wide and boasts a 150-hp output. At the exit end is an oversized part straightener and a 100-ton flying-cutoff press. Learn more about CRC at

Manufacturer of Prog-Die Components Offers E-Catalog

Thursday, August 7, 2008
T. R. Jones Machine Co., Crystal Lake, IL, a short- and medium-run production machining company and a manufacturer of progressive-die components, screw-machine parts and other precision-machined parts, offers an HTML version of its CAD library, complete with navigation. Also included are printable versions of its latest order sheets. To request a copy of the e-catalog, surf to Among the products featured are three styles of pilot lifters—A, C and GM—designed to support the material while the pilot punch enters, and to work in conjunction with stock-lifter guides to move material to the next station without damaging the material or form tools in the die. Learn more about T.R. Jones at


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