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New: A State-of-the-Art Training Program for Prog-Die Design

Friday, August 10, 2012
The Tool and Die Futures Initiative (TDFI) wants you—if, that is, you are a designer with a mechanical background, looking to gain added experience in the field progressive-die design. The industry needs die designers, and so the TDFI has begun to develop a training program, to be held in Romeo, MI. Interested students should e-mail

Big Pipe Bender Shipped to Tennessee Fab Shop

Friday, August 10, 2012
Pipe-bending equipment manufacturer Pines Technology, Westlake, OH, has shipped a No. 6 heavy-duty rotary hydraulic bending machine to the Knoxville, TN fabricating plant of Morris Coupling. Headquartered in Erie, PA, Morris Coupling will use the machine to form parts used in pneumatic conveying systems, exhaust systems, heat exchangers and similar products ranging from 1.5 to 8-in. OD with bend radii from 2.5 to 72 in. Here’s a video of the No.6 bender doing its thing. Pines Technology is online at; learn more about Morris Coupling at

ERP/CRM Software Suppliers Merge

Wednesday, August 08, 2012
CDC Software, Atlanta, GA, and Consona Corp., Indianapolis, IN, have merged and formed a new company called Aptean. Learn more about CDC’s enterprise software for on-premise and cloud deployment of enterprise-resource planning (ERP), customer-relationship management (CRM), supply-chain management (SCM) and other functions at Consona, which also provides ERP and CRM software, is online at Aptean, which now employs more than 1500 people via a worldwide network of sales and support operations, is online at


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