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Lincoln Electric-Canada Earns MRO-Supplier Award

Tuesday, August 10, 2004
The Lincoln Electric Co. of Canada, Toronto, Ontario, has received the President’s Award for its role as an MRO (maintenance, repairs and operations) supplier to F&P Mfg., Inc. The award honors suppliers who have achieved a high level of quality and/or delivery performance, and Lincoln Electric is the first MRO supplier to win it. The company was recognized for its consistent supply of high-quality weld wire and its monitoring of F&P weld cells.

Leifeld Metal Spinning Expands

Monday, August 9, 2004
Leifeld Metal Spinning, GmbH, Ahlen, Germany, has taken over the complete product lines of Leico. Leifeld USA Metal Spinning, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO, is the Leifeld U.S. subsidiary. To develop this new business, Leifeld in Germany has appointed Werner Hütter as managing director of the flow forming division and Benedikt Nillies as head of design for the spinning, flow forming and profiling technology departments. For more, visit

Olson Int. to Add 600-ton Straightside Press

Friday, August 6, 2004
Olson International, Ltd., Lombard, IL, is adding a new 600-ton straightside press, allowing to serve industry needs for larger parts, according to company officials. The press is scheduled to go online in September. Currently, Olsen’s largest press is 400 tons with a 120-in. bed size—three of these at the Lombard plant. “The future is in doing more value-added in the dies and offering a more cost-effective product and service to our customer,” says Time Gleason, Olson president. “(With larger presses,) we are able to consolidate tapping, staking and riveting operations into the progressive die, providing a driver to cost savings on high-volume products.” In addition, reports Gleason, Olson hopes to expand its core competencies to more comprehensive parts that require larger press tonnage and bed size.


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