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Hot Off the Press


New Transfer Press Headed to RI Stamper

Friday, July 9, 2004
Truex Inc., Pawtucket, RI, a manufacturer of deep-drawn and stamped parts, has taken delivery of a new 135-ton Bliss transfer press. Slated to enter production in September, the press can process blanks to 6.9 in., enabling Truex to deep-draw parts to 4-in. diameter by 4-in. deep. The first parts slated for production on the new press are 2-in.-i.d. ferrules for a manufacturer of large industrial hoses. Truex is online at

Custom 500-ton Hydraulic Press
Headed to Mexican Stamping Plant

Friday, July 9, 2004
Bettcher Manufacturing, Cleveland, OH, has installed a new custom-designed 500-ton hydraulic press at its plant in Reynosa, Mexico, to enhance its deep-draw capabilities and take on heavier-gauge work. Bed size of the new press, which has a built-in cushion, measures 100 by 50 in. The press also features added reinforcement to minimize bed and ram deflection, and an automatic clamping system for quick die changes. Learn more at

Dorner Introduces Online Conveyor Selection

Thursday, July 8, 2004
Just launched on the website of Dorner Mfg. Corp., Hartland, WI, is an automated conveyor-selection program. By clicking on the Conveyor Selector icon at, users specify their conveyor requirements with a set of 10 pull-down menus. The program provides a short list of Dorner conveyors that meet the specified application. Customers can then submit the information for a price quote or obtain more detailed conveyor specs. The 10 pull-down menus: conveyor type (flat belt, cleated belt or gravity roller); stainless steel (yes or no); mounting T-slots (yes or no); belt width (0.75-48 in.); conveyor length (2-99 ft.); max. speed (150-421 ft./min; max. load (60-1000 lb.); configuration (straight or z-frame, nose-over, horizontal-to-incline or walk-thru); max. frame height (1.5-3.75 in.); and drive location (end drive or center drive).


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