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Reveamped Website Highlights
Cable and Hose Reels

Wednesday, July 3, 2002
Hannay Reels, Westerlo, NY, a manufacturer and distributor of industrial cable and hose reels, has revamped its website to include user-friendly navigation tools, improved search capabilities and downloadable product literature. Visitors to will find an explanation of the three basic reel types—live hose, live cable and storage—as well as cutas that illustrate reel anatomy. Twenty-one PDF product catalogs are available for download. Also available are product reference guides in various languages. Other site tools include a dealer locator and technical-support section. To be added is an online parts store.

Acme-Fab Builds Radiator Washer
To Combat High Rejection Rates

Wednesday, July 3, 2002
Acme-Fab, Cincinnati, OH, has designed and built a high-volume radiator washer to resolve problems a customer had with high rejection rates. In designing the washer, Acme-Fab employed concepts to improve cleaning and drying, including high-velocity blow-off units. These concepts reduce cross-contamination between process stages and remove excess water from the radiator’s dense coil, thus ensuring complete drying capability. To ease maintenance, the washer design features full-width interlocking access doors, and because heat for wash, rinse and dry stages is provided by natural gas, the washer offers cost-efficient operation. For more on Acme-Fab, a division of A-F Industries, visit

Honda May Airlift Japanese Steel into U.S.

Tuesday, July 2, 2002
According to news reports, The Honda Motor Company is prepared to airlift as much as 2000 tons of Japanese-made carbon-steel sheet to its North American automotive plants if it can't secure sufficient supplies from U.S. steel producers. The firm blames the steel-import tariffs for a possible shortfall in the next month or so. It currently sources more than 90 percent of the steel for its U.S. plants from domestic suppliers.


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