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Stamper/Die House Adds
Robotic Arc-Welding Cell

Thursday, July 28, 2011
New Bremen Machine & Tool Co., New Bremen, OH, has added a robotic welding cell to its arsenal. The cell, from OTC Daihen, Charlotte, NC, features a six-axis Almega-AX-V6 robot with 55-in. reach, a DP400 arc-welding power supply, and a 60-in.-dia. electric turntable positioner. New Bremen Machine & Tool Co. provides tool design and build, machining, assembly, stamping, laser cutting, welding and other processes; OTC Daihen is online at

Lee Steel to Install New Multiblanking Line

Thursday, July 28, 2011
The Wyoming, MI, service center of Lee Steel Corp., Southfield, MI, will soon install a new precision multiblanking line equipped with a stretcher-leveler. The line, from Red Bud Industries, Red Bud, IL, will be capable of processing material to 0.135 in. thick by 72 in. wide, in coil weights to 70,000 lb. The adjustable stretcher-leveler will result in ultra-flat material well-suited for laser-cutting applications. Also included in the line is a CNC programmable slitter, automatic part diverter and part sorter and a slit stack separator, among a slew of other equipment. Maximum part length is 144 in.; Lee Steel is online at

Stripmatic Products on the Move

Wednesday, July 27, 2011
Metalformer Stripmatic Products Inc., a precision metal stamper specializing in the manufacture of bushings, anchor pins, dowel pins, spacers, sleeves and custom parts for the automotive and heavy truck markets, has moved to a new facility in Cleveland, OH. The new location allows the firm to expand its production footprint by 30 percent and offers the flexibility to lease additional space as needed. “We are anxious to take advantage of a large, open-floor plant layout and upgrade crane capacities to improve workflow efficiencies,” says president, Bill Adler. Coming soon: An open house for customers, suppliers and stakeholders;


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