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Schweda Machine Tool Sales Has New Owner, New Name

Monday, July 28, 2008
Effective August 1, 2008, Schweda Machine Tool Sales, Inc., Delafield, WI, acquired by Craig Conlon and Ken Norberg of Concept Machine Tool Sales, Inc., has changed its name to Concept Machine Tool Wisconsin. The company represents, among others, Minster, Amada, Mitsui and Zeiss;

Lincoln Electric Earns Customer-Service Recognition

Friday, July 25, 2008
Smart Business magazine recently presented The Lincoln Electric Co., Cleveland, OH, with its 2008 World Class Customer Service Award, established to share best practices and raise awareness of the importance of customer service. Lincoln Electric recently spent 12 months benchmarking leading companies—manufacturing and nonmanufacturing—to initiate and sustain continuous improvement in the area of customer service. It incorporated Six Sigma practices and other measurement programs, and adopted new technology to speed inquiries and warranty processing. It also retooled its phone service to improve answer rates, which now are above 98.5 percent, according to company officials. Other new programs include free next-day UPS service on domestic parts orders, shipment-tracking e-mails and online warranty processing. Learn more at

Bradbury Co. Doubles the Size of its Trim Shop Plant

Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Only a little more than 18 months after opening its plant dedicated to manufacturing trim-shop equipment, the Bradbury CO., Inc., Moundridge, KS, has now doubled the plant’s size, to 40,500 sq. ft. Along with the expansion, Bradbury added a new 13-ft. folding machine to its product line so meet customer requests for a shorter-length hydraulic folder. The firm manufactures rollforming and coil-handling equipment for the metal-construction industry, including Bradbury Long Folders, Panther Cub II slitter/shears, uncoilers and recoilers, hemmers and more;


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