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Vibration Isolation Products Forms New Division

Wednesday, July 24, 2002
Vibration Isolation Products of Texas, Inc., Houston, TX, has formed a new division, VIP-TX, to market a line of spring and elastomer shock and vibration isolators and seismic-control products. Typical applications include plant machinery and equipment. The product line includes aluminum- and steel-housed springs, open springs, steel-housed seismic spring isolators, rubber compression mounts, and rubber and steel pads. For more, e-mail

North Texas Metalworking & Industrial Show

Wednesday, July 24, 2002
The North Texas Metalworking & Industrial Show 2002 is slated for October 23-24, at the Mesquite Convention Center in Mesquite, TX. The show, a production of SMC Events, offers equipment and services for product and manufacturing engineering, quality control, production and automation, and machining as well tooling and tool manufacture. For more information, call 210-832-8444 or visit

Italian Technology Association
Markets FIM Machines in United States

Tuesday, July 23, 2002
The Italian Technology Association (ITA) now markets the FIM line of metalworking machines in the United States. FIM, which has manufactured for the European market for years, offers a series of universal horizontal presses and a range of tooling that allows bending, curving, shearing, straightening and punching on a single machine. The FIM series of punch/nibblers is available with either hydraulic or mechanical clamping of the punch and die holders for rapid tool changes. The FIM Copernico 3.3 is a multi-function machine that enables the operator to perform bending, punching and notching. It includes a 28-ton press brake situated above the notcher table. The notcher has 10-in. blades and can cut mild steel as thick as 0.25 in. FIM also offers a full line of fixed- and variable-angle notchers and a line of plate bevelers. Such equipment is showcased in the ITA offices in Sparta, NJ. For more information, contact ITA at tel. 973-579-3400, e-mail, or visit


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