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Dedication to Training and Education
Earn Metal Stamper Recognition

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
E.J. Ajax & Sons, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, has been named a winner of the fourth annual Progressive Manufacturing 50 Awards, a program developed by Managing Automation magazine. E.J. Ajax received its award in the discipline of Training and Education Mastery, one of eight categories included in the awards program. Ajax’s award recognizes “companies that have devised/deployed programs to advance employee knowledge and use of advanced automation and IT technologies on an on-going basis and with demonstrable results,” as well as “companies that have instituted scholarship or other promotional programs to encourage secondary or college-level students to pursue a career in manufacturing, with demonstrable results in those programs.” Learn more about the awards program at; E.J. Ajax is online at

PPG Acquires Maker of Water-Based Industrial Coatings

Monday, July 21, 2008
PPG Industries, Pittsburgh, PA, acquired Vanex, Inc., Mount Vernon, IL, a privately-held suppler of Plascron and Breakthrough brand water-based industrial coatings. Vanex’s coatings find use on metal, plastic and wood in the structural-steel, building systems, construction and fabricated-metals industries. PPG, among other products, supplies TrueFinish liquid and powder coatings to manufacturers, custom coaters and distributors;

Global 17-Facility Tier One Supplier to Implement
On-Demand Enterprise-Management Software

Thursday, July 17, 2008
Plexus Systems, Inc., Auburn Hills, MI, will provide its Plexus Online on-demand enterprise-management software to Inteva Products, LLC, Troy, MI. Inteva, formerly Delphi Interiors and Closures, operates 17 facilities on three continents, providing automotive components and assemblies including cockpits, door-module and window-lift systems, and closure systems including latches, strikers and actuators. Plexus Online, comprising more than 350 functional modules for functions such as enterprise-resource planning (ERP), customer-relationship management (CRM), manufacturing execution systems (MES) and supply-chain management (SCM), will allow Inteva to monitor and manage its supply base from any internet-based browser. Inteva expects to complete implementation by June 2009. Read up on Plexus at


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