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Honda May Airlift Japanese Steel into U.S.

Tuesday, July 2, 2002
According to news reports, The Honda Motor Company is prepared to airlift as much as 2000 tons of Japanese-made carbon-steel sheet to its North American automotive plants if it can't secure sufficient supplies from U.S. steel producers. The firm blames the steel-import tariffs for a possible shortfall in the next month or so. It currently sources more than 90 percent of the steel for its U.S. plants from domestic suppliers.

NTMA Partners with Online-RFQ Sourcing Service

Monday, July 1, 2002
First Index, Whippany, NJ, an online-sourcing service for custom-manufactured components, has formed a partnership with the National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA), Ft. Washington, MD, to help NTMA members earn more business online. Under terms of the agreement, First Index and NTMA will create a co-branded website that will provide NTMA members access to RFQs. NTMA members also gain discounted membership in the First Index supplier network. The First Index sourcing platform for custom-manufactured components, called findFast, has hosted more than 25,000 RFQs posted by more than 7000 buyers in the last 12 months. It does not follow a reverse-auction format; rather, it limits the number of suppliers who receive each RFQ in order to provide each with a reasonable chance to win the work. NTMA represents more than 2400 custom manufacturing companies that design and manufacture tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, gauges and precision machined parts.

Courses in High-Speed Machining
and Grinding on the Schedule

Monday, July 1, 2002
TechSolve, Cincinnati, OH, has scheduled is 2002 machining and grinding courses for the rest of the year. TechSolve, formerly known as the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing Sciences, employs instructors, engineers and front-line practitioners who teach these courses in a non-biased and practical . Here’s the schedule: · Practical Machining Principles for Shop Application—two-day general overview. October 8-9, November 5-6. · Introduction to High Performance/High Speed Machining—one-day introductory course. October 10, November 7. · Dynamics of High Performance/High Speed Machining—one-day intermediate course. Call for dates (513/541-1669). · Decision Tools for a Lean Machining Environment—three-day course. October 22-24, December 3-5. · Fundamentals of Metal Removal Fluids—one-day course. October 10, November 7. · Grinding Principles & Practice—three-day intensive lecture with practical application/case studies. September 17-19, November 12-14. · Centerless Grinding Principles—three-day intensive lecture with practical application/case studies and optional plant tour. December 3-5. More information is available at


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