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Global 17-Facility Tier One Supplier to Implement
On-Demand Enterprise-Management Software

Thursday, July 17, 2008
Plexus Systems, Inc., Auburn Hills, MI, will provide its Plexus Online on-demand enterprise-management software to Inteva Products, LLC, Troy, MI. Inteva, formerly Delphi Interiors and Closures, operates 17 facilities on three continents, providing automotive components and assemblies including cockpits, door-module and window-lift systems, and closure systems including latches, strikers and actuators. Plexus Online, comprising more than 350 functional modules for functions such as enterprise-resource planning (ERP), customer-relationship management (CRM), manufacturing execution systems (MES) and supply-chain management (SCM), will allow Inteva to monitor and manage its supply base from any internet-based browser. Inteva expects to complete implementation by June 2009. Read up on Plexus at

Motoman Moves Michigan Office

Thursday, July 17, 2008
Robot and robotic-system provider Motoman Inc., Dayton, OH, has relocated its Detroit Regional Center from Wixom, MI, to Rochester Hills, MI. The 15,000-sq-.ft. facility houses offices, sales and service support, training, a larger demonstration lab, a manufacturing area for small robot systems, and spare-parts storage for local customers. Learn more at

Stamper Processes and Sells Solid Waste, for Profit

Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Truex Inc., Pawtucket, RI, a manufacturer of deep-drawn and stamped parts from brass, steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloys, has, for 15 years, been processing its solid waste to eliminate hazardous substances. The result was thousands of pounds of an environmentally safe solid-waste product that it then paid to be deposited in a local landfill. Now, the firm has found a buyer for the solid-waste product that reclaims the copper from the waste for reuse. Truex makes money from the sale and also saves the cost of landfill disposal. Visit Truex online,


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