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Stamper Earns TS Certification,
and Receives OSHA Honor

Thursday, June 4, 2009
P&G Steel Products Co., Buffalo, NY, a supplier of progressive, transfer and deep-draw metal stampings, has received certification to ISO/TS16949, recognizing its quality-management system that provides for continual improvement and emphasizes defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain. TS16949 applies to the design, development, production and installation and servicing of automotive-related products. The firm also recently received a national Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) award from OSHA for its “exemplary safety and health management system.” SHARP award recipients are exempt from programmed OSHA inspections for a specified period of time, and then are invited to renew their exempt status through a full-service, comprehensive visit by OSHA representatives. Learn more at

Truex Expands Stainless-Steel Capabilities
with New Integrated Manufacturing Cell

Thursday, June 4, 2009
Three transfer presses, a state-of-the-art cleaning line and a bright annealing furnace occupy the new integrated manufacturing cell at Truex Inc., Pawtucket, RI, designed to allow the firm to expand its capabilities to fabricate stainless-steel components. The firm manufactures deep-drawn and stamped parts--from brass, carbon and stainless steels, and aluminum alloys--for the appliance, plumbing, electrical, automotive and other industries. Its 40,000-sq-.ft. plant also houses value-added operations including material finishing, heattreating and assembly;

Mexico Passes China to Become
the New Low-Cost Provider of Manufactured Products

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
According to a study just released by consulting firm AlixPartners, China’s total manufacturing costs are now just six percent below those of U.S. factories. The firm’s Manufacturing-Outsourcing Cost Index analyzed the total costs for manufacturing an array of manufactured components and assemblies, such as small motors and die castings, in China, India, Brazil, Mexico and the United States. It tracked costs over a 3-yr. span for labor, overhead, transportation, and raw materials, and also accounted for changing exchange rates. The index showed major shifts in costs over the last 6 months that pushed China down the rankings. The new low-cost provider: Mexico, followed by India and then China.


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