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Multi-Blanking Cut-to-Length Line
Headed for German Service Center

Monday, June 3, 2002
Fagor Arrasate, Mondragon, Spain (and with U.S. sales and service in Bensenville, IL), will supply a complete multi-blanking cut-to-length line to T.E., a steel-service center in western Germany. The line will process coils to 50,000 lb. and 80-in. wide, of sheet to 0.16-in. thick. It will be able to slit and shear three simultaneous blanks up to 30 ft. long at up to 300 ft./min. Included is a floor-level coil car, uncoiler capable of over- and underwinding, dual peeler blades, driven pinch rolls, scrap shear with automatic scrap disposal, six-hi leveler, precision slitter head with quick-locking tooling, scrap baler, loop tables, mechanical shear and dual electromagnetic stackers.

Four New Dieffenbacher Metalforming Websites

Monday, June 3, 2002
For information on the firm’s presses, log on to, including the firm’s customer magazine and press releases. Its robotic automation systems for press and production lines can be found at View information describing transfer technology, walking beams, blank loaders, stackers, die-change carts and conveyors at And, tools for bending, trimming, punching, and stamping, as well as die cushions and welding systems take the stage at

Sharon Tube Company is Expanding

Friday, May 31, 2002
With its new electric resistance-weld mill, capable of producing large outside diameters and heavier walls, Sharon Tube Company, Sharon, PA, will offer improved product quality and the ability to produce tubing in a variety of steel grades. The mill will be installed at the firm’s existing EAW facility in Niles, OH, and should be operational by March 2003. Specifically designed to produce redraw hollows for the firm’s cold draw operations, as well as other tubular products, the mill will include inline nondestructive testing.


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