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Hot Off the Press


Market Study Shows Press Sales Climbed in 2004

Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Albrecht Associates, Richmond, IN, has released its 2005-06 Market Study of Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses. Pulling from Department of Commerce data, the report indicates a rebound year for the industry in 2004, as press shipments climbed by 22 percent over 2003 shipments. Hydraulic-press sales were particularly strong, up 38.7 percent in 2004 (imports skyrocketed by 78.9 percent); mechanical-press sales were up 7.9 percent (imports climbed 9.2 percent). To request a copy of the market study--80 pages with 41 charts and tables, along with a forecast for 2005 and 2006—call 765/962-4903.

McNichols Co. Wins Safety Award

Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Liberty Mutual Insurance has awarded its Outstanding Safety Award to McNichols Co., Tampa, FL, in recognition of its superior safety record. The more than 300 employees at McNichols worked for two years (Jan. 2003-Dec. 2004) without a lost-time accident. McNichols supplies perforated and expanded metal, wire cloth and al types of grating and flooring. It’s online at

Orchid Intl. Adds 660-Ton Seyi Press

Monday, June 20, 2005
Orchid Intl., Brentwood, TN, has installed a new 660-ton Seyi press, with 61-by-145-in. bed, at its metal-stamping plant in Mount Joliet, TN. The installation includes a Wintriss SmartPac 2 control and operator interface and Shadow VII light curtain, and a 30-in. Coe feed line. The facility houses more than 40 presses, from 60-ton high-speed models to 1000-ton presses. Orchid is online at


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