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Davis Tool Adds Dallas Servo Press-Feed System

Thursday, June 19, 2003
Davis Tool and Engineering, Detroit, MI, has installed a Dallas Space-Saver electronic servo press-feed system with 20,000-lb., 42-in.-wide by 72-in.-o.d. capacity. Davis builds tools and dies for Tier One and Two automotive suppliers, and performs job-shop stamping operations. The new feed system consists of a motorized coil reel that includes a load-car feature and a combination unit that acts as a coil restrictor-peeler-threader-debender, a powerful electronic servo-feed and pull-through straightener and a Dallas LSP automatic inline stock oiler. Learn more about Dallas press-feed and coil-handling equipment at

Beckwood Launches Hydraulic-Press Website

Wednesday, June 18, 2003
With online technical support, expanded customer-service pages and a Quick Quote online response form, Beckwood Press Company, St. Louis, MO, has created a website loaded with features sure to satisfy anyone researching hydraulic presses. The website,, also includes descriptions of several recent hydraulic-press installations and examples of made-to-order presses,. Users can submit Quick Quote response forms online to receive a fast response quotation from the company.

TriMas Acquires Fastener Business from Metaldyne

Tuesday, June 17, 2003
TriMas Corp., Bloomfield Hills, MI, has acquired an automotive-fasteners-manufacturing business from Metaldyne Corp. for approximately $24 million. The acquired business makes specialized fittings and cold-headed parts used in automotive and industrial applications. Products include specialty tube nuts, spacers, hollow extruded components and locking-nut systems used in brake, fuel, power-steering, engine, transmission and chassis applications. Products are shipped to OEMs as well as global Tier One suppliers. For more, visit


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