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TriMas Acquires Fastener Business from Metaldyne

Tuesday, June 17, 2003
TriMas Corp., Bloomfield Hills, MI, has acquired an automotive-fasteners-manufacturing business from Metaldyne Corp. for approximately $24 million. The acquired business makes specialized fittings and cold-headed parts used in automotive and industrial applications. Products include specialty tube nuts, spacers, hollow extruded components and locking-nut systems used in brake, fuel, power-steering, engine, transmission and chassis applications. Products are shipped to OEMs as well as global Tier One suppliers. For more, visit

Mitutoyo America Creates
Integrated Measuring Solutions Group

Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Mitutoyo America Corp., Aurora, IL, has established the Integrated Measuring Solutions Group. The group offers integrated measuring/manufacturing systems and services to manufacturers who need customized measurement capabilities and unique fixturing/material-handling products and processes. Headed by Dennis Traynor, product manager, the group provides manufacturers the necessary blend of metrology and manufacturing technology to produce faster and more efficiently without sacrificing quality, according to Mitutoyo America officials. The group is designed to work with manufacturers on a case-by-case basis and create complex turnkey systems. For more, visit

AMT Product Directory Available on Disk

Monday, June 16, 2003
The updated AMT Product Directory is now available from AMT--the Association for Manufacturing Technology. It includes information on machine tools, manufacturing machinery and related equipment built by AMT members. This year the directory is available only on CD-ROM. Introductions, instructions for use and product categories are presented in eight languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Italian and Portuguese. The actual directory is in English. The CD-ROM provides a link to a continually updated version of directory information, available at Like the CD-ROM, this version allows users to search by product category, state or company name. Links to member websites and e-mail contacts are provided in both versions. To order the directory, available for free to members and nonmembers, contact the AMT marketing and public relations department at 703/827-5219 or at


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