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Get Trained Now to Prepare
for New Robot-Safety Standard

Friday, May 6, 2011
Come the end of the year there will be a new robot-safety standard (R15.06) standard in town, and to help manufacturers prepare, the Robotic Industries Association (RIA) will conduct a series of four seminars in June and July. The Robot Safety Training seminars are slated for June 1 at Genesis Systems, Davenport, IA; June 30 at Omron Scientific Technologies, Fremont, CA; July 20 at Components Express, Woodbridge (Chicago), IL; and July 27 at the Alabama Industrial Development Training/Robotics Technology Park, Tanner, AL. Learn more and register to attend.

Lubrizol Launches Informational Website

Thursday, May 5, 2011
The Lubrizol Corp., Cleveland, OH, a specialty chemical company providing lubricant additives for a host of applications and industries, has launched, an educational website for the metalforming industry. It’s aimed at “helping formulators and fabricators optimize forming fluids for increased productivity,” says Joe Purnhagen, the firm’s global commercial manager of metal processing additives. Take a look.

Strothmann Expands Operations

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Pressroom-automation equipment provider Strothmann has expanded its planning and manufacturing capacities at its German headquarters, adding 1500-sq.-m of floor space. And, according to company CEO Derek Clark, the company expects to build an additional office building to house its construction and project-management functions. The firm, which has its North America division in Marietta, GA, manufactures destackers, blank loaders, suction frames, tooling systems and more; Click here to view its pressroom lineup.


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