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Watch Magnetic Conveyors in Action

Wednesday, May 6, 2009
While they might not earn an Academy Award, a series of new videos posted to the website of Industrial Magnetics, Inc., Boyne City, MI, do a great job of illustrating the variety of applications where magnetic conveyors function. Check out the videos at They show, among other applications, conveyors moving large pieces of scrap sheetmetal to a collection bin, and scrap cutoff rounds and chips being conveyed from an automated cutting station into a recycling bin.

Report Shows that ERP Projects Earn a Quick ROI

Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Don’t stop investing in ERP (enterprise-resource-planning) projects now, due to economic pressures. Do just the opposite, as return-on-investment (ROI) estimates easily cost-justify ERP projects. So finds a newly published research report, “Measuring the ROI of ERP: Keeping Projects Alive Just When You Need Them the Most,” from Aberdeen Group, and sponsored by Plex Systems, Auburn Hills, MI. Researchers concluded that best-in-class companies, with regards to ERP projects, produce twice the reduction in inventory levels as industry average, and that these companies expect ERP projects to pay for themselves within 2 yr. Download a copy of the report at

Grant to Aerospace Manufacturer to Fund
Development Work for Wind-Turbine Industry

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Kelly Aerospace Thermal Systems LLC, Willoughby, OH, will receive a $350,000 grant from the State of Ohio for further development of de-icing technology targeted for use on wind-turbine blades as well as jet-engine blades. The firm manufactures the Wind Turbine Ice Protection System, an electro-thermal system that can be adapted for use on any wind-turbine design. Its grant is part of a $40.1-million grant package awarded to Ohio companies by the Ohio Third Frontier Commission. Learn more at


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