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Hydraulic Press Installed to Form Metal Bellows

Wednesday, May 29, 2002
Beckwood Press Company, St. Louis, MO, recently shipped a 1200-ton hydraulic press to Senior Aerospace, a supplier to the aerospace, medical and semiconductor industries. The four-post press, used to form precision metal bellows, was integrated with a push-pull servo-feed system, straightener and payout reel. An Allen Bradley PLC control system runs the integrated system, and has 500-part program storage and uses Dynamic Pressure Control. Other system features: quick die change based on Hilma Carr Lane die lift with hydraulic die-clamping system and a Trabon Lubriquip ram-slide automatic lubrication setup.

High-Speed Blanking Line Headed to South Africa

Tuesday, May 28, 2002
Automatic Feed Company, Napoleon, OH, and Komatsu America Industries, Livonia, MI, will supply a high-speed outer-body line, with a 600-ton blanking press, to Trident Steel (Pty) Ltd. in South Africa. Trident is the country’s second-largest steel merchant. The line will be able to edge-trim, wash, precision-level tailor-welded blanks, inspect, and process from 15 to 60 sheets/min. including stacking. It will process large side-body blanks up to 4500-mm long. An Automatic Feed Co. oscillating upper die will attach to the press ram, for precision cuts at high speeds.

German In-Die Feeding/Fastening Company
Sets Up Shop in Illinois

Friday, May 24, 2002
Rifast Systems GmbH has established a limited liability company (Rifast Systems LLC) at the cold-heading plant of ATF Inc. in Lincolnwood, IL. Rifast supplies complete turnkey fastening systems consisting of a feeder, punching heads and fasteners. Its systems can stake bolts and studs at up to 60 strokes/min. and nuts at up to 80 strokes/min. The new company is headed by Mitchell Waters, president, and Richard Epling, technical director. Learn more at


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